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Conference Clinical and Academic Learning Objectives During the AAOP Scientific Meeting Attendees

  • Learn and understand about the emerging field of orofacial pain

  • Learn about and understand the relationship between TMD and wellness


  • Understand the emerging trends in chronic facial pain including nutrition, ultrasound guided injections, prolotherapy

  • Learn about the latest data regarding sleep bruxism, oral appliance responsive sleep disorders

  • Learn about the latest data regarding pharmacotherapeutic management of headache disorders

  • Explore the role of the dentist in sleep medicine and the latest research in sleep disordered breathing

  • Develop an understanding of access to care issues in orofacial pain practices

  • Understand the neurological and psychological basis of treatment modalities involved in chronic facial pain

  • Learn and understand the role of arterial wellness in health and how to incorporate it in your practice

The American Academy of Orofacial Pain, an organization of dentists and aliated health care professionals, is dedicated to alleviating pain and suffering through the promotion of excellence in education, research and patient care in the field of orofacial pain and associated disorder


Dale Miles, DDS, MS, FRCD (c)
Rose Nierman
James Fricton, DDS
Jeffrey Okeson, DMD
Daniele Manfredini, DDS, MSc, PhD
Paul Durham, PhD
Andrew Read-Fuller, DDS, MS
Ali Azarbarzin, MD
Steve Bender, DDS
Jonathan Lown, MD

Dennis Bailey, DDS
Stan Farrell, DDS
AAOP/ABOP Officers
Susan Herring, PhD
Mike Racich, DMD
Inna Tchivileva, MD, MS
Nkaku Kisaalita, PhD
Ronald Kulich, PhD
Kevin Huff, DDS, MAGD
Alex DaSliva, DDS, DMedSc

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