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Medical Billing Pearls and Pitfalls

Medical Billing Pearls and Pitfalls As dentistry continues to shift towards oral-systemic wellness, more dental procedures are being recognized as medically necessary and being covered under major health insurance plans and policies. Dental practices are recognizing the significant benefits to offering medical insurance reimbursement such as increased case [...]

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Dental Occlusion: When Does It Matter?

Dental Occlusion: When Does It Matter? What does the Evidence Tell Us? Arthrocentesis is an invaluable procedure in the management algorithm for temporomandibular joint disease, particularly in the early Wilkes stages. This objectives of this course are to understand the appropriate workup and indications for the procedure, review [...]

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CGRP Medications for Headache

CGRP Medications for Headache: A New Treatment Approach This is an exciting time in the field of Headache Medicine, as an entirely new class of drugs has been developed that specifically targets the pathophysiology of Headache. Historically, preventive medications for headache have been borrowed from other drug classes [...]

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HIPAA – Are You Prepared?

Piece of Mind for Peace of Mind Preservation of the information in a dental record and documentation of treatment and outcomes is paramount to protecting the rights of our patients, maintaining the integrity of healthcare providers, and it is required by various aspects of the law. The generalized usage [...]

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