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Join our Mentorship Program!

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Our mentorship program pairs you with experienced mentors who volunteer their time to help you enhance your skills and knowledge. Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking to give back or a newcomer eager to learn, we strive to provide an informal but structured and effective program.

It is open to all AAOP members including students, researchers, physical therapists, and general dentists. Any member can choose to be a mentor, mentee, or both- we all have plenty to learn and plenty to teach.

Unlock your potential with
-Personalized guidance: connect in -person or virtually with mentors from diverse backgrounds and expertise.
-Skill development: valuable insights and practical advice. Discuss sample cases, controversial topics, and ethical dilemmas.
-Networking opportunities: lasting relationships for career development

As a mentee, what is expected?
In a span of 9 months, our mentorship program asks for a sliver of your time, approximately 2 weeks active participation to complete an activity of your choice. Consider this a staycation from your busy schedule to recharge. The rest of the time, you can control how much time you dedicate to your growth! Once paired, mentees are expected to initiate the relationship. Mentees and mentors mutually agree upon the frequency and nature of their meetings.

Meanwhile, let us meet up at a kickoff and conclusion reception at the annual scientific meeting and engage daily or as often as we want through the WhatsApp forum to share our collective experiences.

We are in this together!


Seema Kurup
Chair: Mentorship Program

To participate please contact us:

I have been a part of mentorship program for 3 years now both as a mentee and mentor. It’s been amazing as there are knowledgeable colleagues to learn from. Private practice can be isolating; even harder when working with difficult cases. It’s been great to ask questions in the group chat and get feedback on how to approach a case. The best part of the program is monthly case discussions where a set of mentors- mentees present a case and stimulate robust conversation about the case. I’d strongly encourage participation in this program as we are all learners for life.

Priya Jayaraman DDS, MPH, D.ABOP, D.ABDSM , (2021-ongoing)

I have been fortunate to be part of the mentorship program this year. Being new to the AAOP, the program has been amazing!  Dr. Kurup is very helpful in matching us to mentors, organizing our projects and getting excellent speakers. My mentor, Dr. Fernanda Yanez, spend so much time giving me advice and resources to expand my knowledge. She also spent hours reviewing and editing the project we submitted to the group. It was always fun seeing what other groups presented for their projects. You will learn a lot from the projects, expert conversations from the members, and the wonderful speakers. I highly recommend the program to everyone!

Sheila Stille DDS, Orofacial Pain resident at USC, (2023-2024 mentee)