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We are very pleased to introduce the AAOP Mentorship Program and welcome your participation!  This new service will help our members who are new to orofacial pain by matching them up with experienced providers.  It is open to all AAOP members including students, researchers, physical therapists, etc., and any member can choose to be a mentor, mentee, or both – we all have plenty to learn and plenty to teach.  However, as this is our first time doing this, we will be limiting the program to twenty mentors and twenty mentees.

Applications and Agreements

AAOP 2020 Mentoring Program

Please complete the appropriate application(s) and send to The mentorship committee will be providing activities for mentors and mentees to work on together, and in some cases in larger groups, throughout the year, such as:

– Kick off reception and conclusion reception at the annual scientific meeting

– Online ice breaker activities to get to know your mentor / mentee and other program participants

– Internet forum for all participants to share experiences

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Kicking off the AAOP Mentorship Program

When a practitioner decides to get into the field of orofacial pain, they face a lot of daunting challenges. From clinical matters to ethical dilemmas to business development -an experienced mentor can be truly invaluable.

Orofacial pain practices are few and far between, with a lot of variety in how we practice, making it that much harder to find the guidance one needs. At the same time, seasoned clinicians are looking to share their knowledge, better serve their profession and the community, and stay current and engaged with our advancing field.

The AAOP is proud to introduce a new Mentorship Program for our members – this is the platform so many of our members need to help each other out! Not surprisingly, the response has been very strong, and we are excited to kick off the first one-year Mentorship Program at the 2019 Annual Meeting in San Diego.

We have 21 mentees, ranging from dental students to late career dentists (plus one physical therapist), all hungry to learn more about being an orofacial pain provider. Each has been matched to one experienced clinician whom they will formally meet at our kick off reception. Over the course of the year, the AAOP Mentorship Programming Committee will provide participants with ice-breaker type activities, realistic cases to review, journal articles to discuss, and other creative learning experiences.

We have no doubt each mentor and mentee will learn a lot seeing how their partner, and they themselves, think and respond. The committee is also planning an internet forum and group activities to foster additional communication among all participants. The benefits do not end with the participants or even the patients that they serve; as members of the AAOP we all have something to gain from this. Every participant is required to serve on an AAOP committee of their choice, which not only ensures more leaders getting involved, but also more communication among them.

If you are interested in being part of the Mentorship Program next year, or joining the Mentorship Programming Committee, please get in touch with us at

Jeffrey Goldberg