Sleep Medicine Review and Update
AAOP Mid-Year Virtual Symposium on Sleep Medicine

Under the Direction of the AAOP  Sleep Medicine Committee

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Sleep Medicine: The Dentist’s Role

The importance of Sleep Medicine (SM) in the profession of dentistry presents many potential opportunities. SM is a broad field of medicine dedicated to the understanding and management of a wide variety of sleep disorders, many of which do not directly involve the dentist. It is widely accepted that sleep disorders can negatively impact health and quality of life, and therefore anyone involved in patient care should have a sound understanding of sleep and its importance in health. In addition, it is well known that poor sleep can negatively impact outcomes in pain management, and a bidirectional relationship between pain and sleep has been suggested.

Dentists, and especially those involved in Orofacial Pain (OFP) management, should have an understanding of sleep disorders for the purpose of enhanced care for pain patients, many of which have complex comorbidities. There are several sleep disorders that might be most likely encountered by the OFP dentist. Some of them are:

● Sleep Breathing Disorders (SBD) – snoring and sleep apnea are classic examples but also includes chronic mouth breathing.

● Insomnia – the most common sleep disorder, and frequently encountered when pain and anxiety is present.

● Movement Disorders – most notable is Sleep Bruxism but other conditions such as Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD) during sleep can impact and be disruptive to sleep.

The recent recognition of OFP as a specialty in Dentistry highlights the importance of recognition of SM training, knowledge and expertise by the OFP dentist. The OFP specialist is a dentist who is capable of identifying the patient who is at risk for a sleep disorder, and qualified to manage the sleep disorder when it is within the scope of his/her practice. This is most often associated with SBDs and typically involves the use of an oral appliance specifically designed to manage and resolve the SBD and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Involvement in SM also involves a working relationship with physician colleagues as well as other healthcare providers for enhanced and total patient care. This ultimately is intended to improve health outcomes and an improve quality of life.

A Virtual Event


This is an update on sleep and related topics of interest and importance for the OFP practicing dentist.  At this time this is more important than ever as OFP has become a specialty in dentistry and sleep medicine is an integral part of this discipline.  More than ever the need to be well educated in sleep medicine and the role of the dentist is critical.  This one-day course is designed to be an update on many of the important topics that are relevant to the patient who may be at risk for a sleep disorder.  The dentist’s role in sleep medicine and in the use of oral appliances for managing sleep breathing disorders (SBD) has also been reinforced by the recommendations from the American Dental Association.  In addition it is now well known that approximately 80% of people who have a SBD, and in particular sleep apnea, have not been diagnosed.  This further substantiates the role of the dentist who is adequately trained to have a major role in the recognition as well as the management of these patients.

By attending this one-day course you will become more invigorated and motivared to continue pursuing education in sleep and sleep medicine to be able to provide care to those who seek help and are not always able to find it.  Please join us in this journey in one of the most dynamic and interesting fields in all of medicine and dentistry.

Complimentary Presentation


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Sleep & Pain → Sleep, Pain and Mood – Understanding the Interplay Dennis R. Bailey, DDS
Reisner → Pharmacology and Sleep Lori Reisner, Pharm.D., FCSHP
→ 1. Selected Articular Disorders Effect on Craniofacial Growth
→ 2. Craniofacial Growth and the Influence on Airway Dimensions
David Hatcher, DDS, MSc
Sleep Medicine → Update on Sleep Medicine and Oral Appliance Therapy – 2020 and Beyond Dennis R. Bailey, DDS

Summary of Presentations

Dr. Villalon (Dr. Bailey presented for Dr. Villalon) as an AAOP member has had a strong interest in the relationship of pain, sleep and how mood disorders participates with these conditions.  His discussion will be an update on how these areas interrelate and present considerations for management.

Dr. Reisner is no stranger to AAOP.  She has lectured at various AAOP meetings and will discuss many of the medications that are related to sleep, both from the positive side as well as the negative aspect.

Dr. Hatcher is a well know expert in imaging as it relates to the profession of dentistry.  He has published extensively and has lectured in the US and internationally.  He will do 2 presentations:

1.  Selected Articular Disorders and Effect on Craniofacial Growth  This presentation will discuss the use of imaging to assist in visualization and understanding of selected articular disorders and associated influence on growth of the craniofacial skeleton.
2.  Craniofacial Growth and the Influence on Airway Dimensions   This presentation will discuss the influence of anomalous growth of the facial skeleton, skull base and spine on the airway dimensions.

Dr. Bailey has been involved in the management of patients with a sleep disorder, especially those with a SBD, for over 30 years.  He has been involved with both dental and medical organizations and is the co-director of the UCLA sleep medicine mini-residency with Dr. Robert Merrill.   He will review the current status of oral appliance therapy and various areas related to sleep such as endotyping as well as the future role of the OFP dentist in sleep medicine.

Learning Objectives

  1. Have a better awareness of the dental related areas that involve sleep medicine
  2. Become aware of the pharmacologic impact on sleep – both pro and con
  3. Understand how sleep – pain – anxiety all interact and what our role as dentists is in assisting patients with management
  4. Be aware of the role of imaging and what to look for especially related to more advanced techniques
  5. Have an awareness of areas in sleep medicine that impact our role as well developing areas that will have an impact in the future

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