AAOP Presenter

Dr. Merrill impacted my life not only as a teacher and a mentor but as a role model. His dedication to advancing orofacial pain as a community could only be equaled by his ethics and kind nature. I owe him a debt of gratitude for his support as a resident and afterward as a clinician and educator. Dr. Merrill is an example of what we should all strive to be as clinicians and individuals; his work ethic and even-tempered nature were defining characteristics of this incredible human being. He always had time for his students and would provide his time and knowledge to advance any cause related to orofacial pain.

Sherwin Arman

**” Even if you didn’t have the opportunity to benefit from knowing Dr Merrill you felt his influence. I know that I speak for the entire AAOP family when I say he will be greatly missed, but his contributions will live on forever through the many lives he touched. His advancements in the field are just too numerous to list, and we all understand the AAOP is what it is today through his efforts. We were all fortunate to have known him and benefitted from his many talents. ” Bob Mier

** “Dr. Robert Merrill has kept his pioneer spirit and started his new journey, leaving us grieving but celebrating his life. Great mentor, loyal friend, committed teacher, and adventurous heart. Farewell Dr. Merrill! We will miss you deeply!

He started this Listserve as a way to keep in contact with the growing community of people involved in Orofacial Pain and impacted the lives of many of us. I am sure we all have stories to tell and pictures to share. His contagious smile and subtle humor were the perfect spice in all his lectures, and the way he helped others to grow, is his main legacy. Farewell, dear friend!” Mariela

** “Dr. Merrill was my mentor and teacher, like an academic father to me. He was a blessing for all of us, UCLA residents. His kindness, his knowledge, his generosity, his care. His thoughtful advice about career and life… The taffy he used to make, the trips to Mammoth…he paid me for my first ski lesson.

His continuous support and care always and just a phone call or zoom away. Active and contributing to the field, we were working on a paper…

You know, we had the privilege to learn from a wise sage, those rare people that have light within them. I will be eternally grateful for Dr. Merrill, who has been in my life, he has been a crucial part of my growth as an academic and as a mentor myself. I think he will still watch over us. We love you Dr. Merrill. Mil gracias por todo su cariño, muchisimas gracias por ser mi maestro.” Marcela

** “There are those of us muddle through life looking for guidance, Robert Merrill was there holding the lamp of knowledge. There are those whose leadership into uncharted waters brought us to new vistas, inspiring us to always improve and seek answers. Robert Merrill was that leader.

Bob exemplified the true definition of Pioneer. He forged new pathways, began new programs, touched the lives of students and patients alike with his soft-spoken approach, his gentle demeanor and vast knowledge; he was an inspiration to all who knew him. Bob was a friend for many years. In our last encounter he graciously provided an online lecture for us Rutgers. Our students had the privilege of seeing a legend firsthand. The glow of his of intellect, graciousness and humility may be dimmed but will never be extinguished. Condolences to his family, a family that includes UCLA, AAOP and all of us.” Gary Heir

**”what a loss…. It was so great to know he was there with his endless knowledge and support. every time I had a question or needed anything, I received the response in …… about 3 seconds. i always wondered how he manages to do that? He managed to do a lot of things that never will be forgotten. RIP and thank you for being an amazing leader” Victoria Wexley

“I will miss him and always remember his kindness. Dr. Merrill was an important role model for me and many others. My condolences to his family & loved ones. ” PF